Sport Specific Conferencing

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Recently Special Olympics Ontario introduced Sport Specific Conferencing (see Provincial News Update page 6) Sport Conferencing will promote high quality competition experiences and provide fair and equitable advancement opportunities for athletes. Sport Conferencing also ensures and a more equalized distribution of athletes/teams for each sport across the province

Included in this document you will find a breakdown per sport whereby all registered sports programs have been assigned to a designated conference. Each conference will host one Provincial Qualifier. The Provincial Qualifier must be approved by Special Olympics Ontario. Communities are encouraged to host invitational competitions in addition to the Provincial Qualifiers. Communities who host invitational competitions are encouraged to extend their competition invite outside of their own conference.

 To be eligible for advancement to Provincial Games athletes/teams/coaches must participate in their identified Provincial Qualifier Competition.Quota’s for Provincial Games will be based upon the number of athletes/teams that participated in the Provincial Qualifier in the year preceding the Provincial Games and will be proportionally divided amongst all conferences based on participation numbers at the Provincial Qualifier.  Please note that athletes registered in the adapt divisions are not eligible for advancement to Provincial Games and therefore will not be included in the calculations for quota.


Should you have any questions please contact your District Developer. 

Jul 21, 2014, 12:25 PM